Communities Eliminating Tobacco Inequities

Commercial tobacco is still a problem. 

While the overall smoking rate in Minnesota has decreased dramatically over the last two decades, there are populations that continue to experience high levels of commercial tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

In an effort to reduce commercial tobacco use in these populations, the Center for Prevention has committed $2.8 million in Communities Eliminating Tobacco Inequities funding through 2018. This funding supports the work of organizations that focus on community-driven, culturally specific efforts that will raise awareness and influence policy. 

Learn more about the organizations we fund and their projects that will make a difference in the health of Minnesotans.

American Lung Association

The American Lung Association will be working with hundreds of professionals and agencies across Minnesota to promote tobacco cessation in behavioral health settings.

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Briva Health

Briva Health will create culturally relevant messages for the Somali community to increase awareness and understanding of the dangers associated with tobacco use.

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Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES)

Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES) plans to engage with Latino community members in Richfield to provide education around the dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke, as well as garner support for tobacco-free policies.

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Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota

The Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota and its partners will develop culturally appropriate educational materials around the dangers of smoking and begin incorporating this information into its ongoing conversations with community members.

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Lincoln Park Children and Families Collaborative

In Duluth, the Lincoln Park Children and Families Collaborative is committed to reducing the presence of secondhand smoke and creating healthy outdoor spaces.

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Lower Sioux Indian Community

The Lower Sioux Indian community and its partners will an educational campaign differentiating commercial and traditional tobacco, expansion of the community’s existing commercial tobacco bans and pursuit of a moratorium on retail commercial tobacco sales outlets.

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NorthPoint Health and Wellness

NorthPoint Health and Wellness will work with partners to seek improvements to the existing tobacco use policy in Minneapolis parks.

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WellShare International

Through community education, WellShare International will work with the Karen Organization of Minnesota to build momentum and support for policy and environmental changes around use of tobacco.

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