Our Focus Areas

We're focusing on four specific issues that significantly impact Minnesotans' health.

Commercial Tobacco Use

For some populations, smoking rates—and related health problems—are significantly higher than that of the general population. We work to reduce those disparities.

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Healthy Eating

Our efforts look at the whole food system, from farm to fork. Projects include community gardens, work with schools and day cares, and more.

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Physical Activity

From rural Cook County to urban North Minneapolis, we're helping create communities where physical activity can be part of daily life.

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Health Equity

Many Minnesotans live in communities where social, economic or environmental situations contribute to health inequities. We collaborate with them to improve the situation.

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  • Making Healthy Choices Possible for All Minnesotans

    The Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota tackles the leading causes of preventable disease -- tobacco use, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating -- to increase health equity, transform communities and create a healthier state.